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Grandview Cemetery Data Project 2001


            The Grandview Cemetery is in the process of establishing a Web Site on the Internet of all burials in the Cemetery.  This is a tremendous undertaking as there are approximately 8000 interments in the cemetery.  Without financial assistance, volunteers to compile the information, and an interest in the project from local groups and individuals, it would not be possible.  

We want to thank the following for their efforts in getting this project off the ground:  The Bloomfield State Bank for providing financial backing of the project.  The cooperation of Ron Hasler, Superintendent of Bloomfield School District , giving us the opportunity to work with the Bloomfield High School Business Professionals of America . The Bloomfield High School Business Professionals of America , headed by Nancy Hudson with her talented students, for compiling the list of over 4,200 burials.  The burial  information provided by the Greene County Historical Society.  All have participated immensely in getting this project started.  This is only the beginning of the project, as it could take another one to two years to complete, with the possibility of extending the project throughout the County.

This Web Site will contain the name, date of birth, date of death and location of each burial.  Also, income could be generated for the cemetery by establishing a Virtual Cemetery .  The Virtual Cemetery would have name, dates and any personal information the family would want to include, which would provide thousands of families the opportunity to easily access information of loved ones from any location in the world through the Internet.  In addition, it would establish a historical record and greatly assist in genealogy search. 

In order to continue the project, the Cemetery has applied for a grant through the Greene County Foundation.  Anyone wanting to assist in this project can contact Scott Robinson or Jim Miller at Bloomfield State Bank.

Business Professionals of America Bloomfield High School

Picture ID, from left to right

Row 1: Mellisa Gwaltney, Amber Orman, Erin Smith, Rachael White

Row 2: Alicia Thomas, Lisa Gater, Kilea Keith, Megan Barnhill, Brittany Campbell, teacher Nancy Hudson

Row 3: Chuck Hendricks, Vanessa Burger, Kenley Yake, Tyler Evans, Heath Bartlett, Ryan Lee


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